The National Energy Authority is honored to be one of the main sponsors of the Petroleum & Energy Conference. It joins the ranks of regional and international energy companies, State-Owned Enterprises, and industry players who will be gathering at the Hilton Hotel, from the 12th to the 13th of September 2023.

Being a newcomer in the industry and entering into a field where leaders of the industry play, our job as the referee may seem daunting but adopting regulatory functions from PNG Power Limited (PPL) and the Independent Consumers and Competitions, technical and economic regulations respectively, whilst improving on existing regulator functions is reading NEA to become an efficient and effective regulator of the industry.

In a country abundant with natural gas and renewable energy sources NEA is tasked to create a robust energy market for increased investment and greater opportunities for growth.

NEA is not only focused on traditional fuel but has joined the rest of the world in harnessing renewable energy sources not only to supplement its own domestic energy demands but more importantly combat climate change and greenhouse gas emissions that threaten the existential of mankind.

In these two-day conference NEA will participate meaningfully and be open to learning the latest advancements in green and hydrogen technologies and take advantage of opportunities that to secure PNG’s energy security.