Mr Ronald Meketa, Managing Director



It gives me great pleasure in introducing the National Energy Authority (the Authority) with this first National Energy Authority Website ( as our main Information Platform.

The Authority has a dual role being the policy maker and the regulator of the energy sector in PNG. Our regulatory role covers the downstream gas industry including refining, distribution, and retail of petroleum products.

Our major challenge as the regulator is that only 17% of households and businesses in PNG have access to electricity and being the principal State Agency, it is our primary responsibility in working towards achieving the State’s goal in providing 70% of households in PNG with electricity access by 2030 and 100% by 2050.

We are working on developing policies for the different energy sources, drafting small power system regulations for both underserved and off-grid areas. Under the National Electrification Roll-Out Plan we are engaging with key stakeholders to drive grid densification and extension programs.

More of such agreement as the Master Development Agreement of 2021 between the GoPNG and Fortescue Future Industries to develop the West New Britain geothermal project and Purari Wabo hydro power project must happen. These two projects have a proposed generation size of 1540 MW and 1800 MW respectively which when completed will provide for considerable electricity supply for thousands of businesses and households.

As the demand for electricity increases there is also increasing expectations from the private sector and key government stakeholders, including provincial government and landowners for greater participation in this generation and transmission segment of the market.

On a closing note, some of the more demanding issues facing us is whether energy sources, technology solutions, and markets in their current forms will remain fit for purpose into the future and independent advice will help NEA in establishing its regulatory and enforcement functions, including articulation of innovative models.