Minister for Energy and Rural

Ministers Message

This newsletter introduces the National Energy Authority (NEA) to the people of Papua New Guinea and all national and international stakeholders with an interest in participating in the development of energy in Papua New Guinea. The National Energy Authority replaces the former Energy Wing under the Department of Petroleum and Energy and assumes all of its policy and statutory functions.

NEA was created to be the umbrella agency for the development of renewable energy resources in Papua New Guinea. Its creation allows for the development of a modern institution which once fully established, will promote new technologies to deal with the challenges of developing and managing the energy sector to meet the government’s target of electrifying 70% of Papua New Guinean households by 2030 and 100% by 2050 as per Vision 2050. ‘Energy’ fuels economic growth, reduces poverty and improves the living standards of people.

To have access to affordable, reliable, efficient and sustainable systems of energy generation, transmission, and distribution to cover the entire country is of paramount importance for the Government in nation building. The Government sees ‘Energy’ as the engine room for our country’s economic development and must ensure that through NEA, energy be harnessed sustainably for the development of our blessed country. God bless PNG!