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Technical Regulation

The Authority now performs the technical regulatory functions under the NEA Act 2021. The regulatory functions includes;


a. Standard  Compliance

  • Administer electrical standards
  • Administer the PNG Trade Circular
  • Follow Australia and New Zealand Wiring Rules

b. Safety

  • Check and ensure all electrical appliances are safe to use
  • Ensure electricity is user friendly



  • Administer license processing of all electricians, electrical installation inspectors and electrical contractors in PNG
  • Coordinate and conduct electrical license examinations

d. Investigations

  • Fires
  • Electrocutions – fatal or non-fatal
  • Power surge – blown appliances

e. Inspections

Ensure all types of wires, cables, appliances, fittings, meters, apparatus, or any material used in a connection to any electrical installation is approved by the Authority